Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Your business card, website or letterhead can sometimes be the first point of contact a prospect has with your business before they meet you. It is therefore vital that your corporate identity is completely consistent and well designed to ensure your prospects are seeing a well delivered message.

Whatever the size or scale of your business, Impulse know you will absolutely reap the benefits of keeping your business image and branding consistent throughout your marketing materials. Whether it’s a business card, brochure, bannerstand, website, blog, direct mail campaign, email signature strip, etc…

There are two core benefits to ensuring you create your corporate identity with a branding professional:

You’ll receive your future projects much faster…

Once your initial brand identity has been designed and signed off, you will be amazed at how fast our designers can turn your other projects around once they have completed the professional brand image for you.

You’ll receive greater credibility…

Prospects can sometimes experience apprehension in working with a company who can’t seem to pick a direction with their corporate image and assume the company can’t make up their mind, which sends negative signals. Great brand consistency through a well designed corporate identity leads your prospects to conclude that your company is confident, strong, stable and credible.

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