Brand Design, Corporate ID or Logo Design?

Brand Design, Corporate ID or Logo Design?

What is the difference between brand design, corporate identity and logo design? Our team at Impulse come across this question a lot, so we wanted to cover it in a little more detail for you!

To give you a top line overview…

Your logo design is a recognisable shape, icon or symbol which simply identifies your business quickly in its simplest form.

Your corporate identity is the mixture of all visual elements that form the overall identity and consistency of your brand.

Your brand design is the perceived emotional image, feeling and values that your business communicates as a whole.

A logo is not a brand, nor is it your identity.

Logo design, corporate identity and brand design all have very different roles, which together, form a very valuable perceived image of your business or product.

Think of it this way…

Your logo is the icon… A clear recognisable symbol that sits on top of your brand and identifies exactly what people can expect to find underneath. Your corporate identity is the outer visual structure around your logo which holds all of your visual elements together consistently. Your brand is the mixture of your logo and corporate identity, combined with an added emotional recipe which creates a compelling reason for people to trust you and start building a relationship with you.

If you add these three things together, you have a very powerful brand strategy for extremely profitable business growth.

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