Brand Meaning

Brand Meaning

Your brand design is only a brand that means something to others when customers recognise and value your name.

When they think of your branding as special in some way and position your sub branding differently from other products or services in your market.

Your brand meaning…

… is something customers ask for by name and buy from you by habit

… is the name used when talking about your products/services to other people

… is when people think of your name rather than your product or service

… is something which has grown its own personality, beyond the brand itself

… is something people pay a premium for under your name and no other name

True sub brands are a unique name which your company attaches to part of your product range or range of services to give each area special promotional support. Sometimes sub brands are used in isolation from your main brand, but it is far more common to link both names together – even as sister companies if nothing else, such as Virgin. They could sell any one of their sub brands and it would not affect any of the other businesses.

Without promotion your brand design and sub branding will get you nowhere. People will not hear of you, they will not learn about your special benefits and they therefore will not be able to specify your brand when they need your product or service. In other words, your brand will not pass the test of just being ‘the’ brand. It takes some time to generate recognition for it.

Sub branding, therefore, should only be used where you have the time and financial resources to support them with adequate promotion.

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