What Branding Can Do For You

What Branding Can Do For You

We recently created a poll on LinkedIn to learn the perceptions of every day business owners about what they feel is the most important thing branding can do for their business. Here are the results…

While some of these answers really depend on the type of business you are in, it is clear to see from this visual graph that while branding is a lot about the visual identity of increasing your profile, branding is also heavily weighted towards building trust in your products and services more than anything else.

Branding with Impulse means all this and more.

Our team of branding experts do not just work on the visual aspects of your brand. Why? Because we have proven time and again to those wanting a ‘cheap quick fix’ logo that just looking pretty really does nothing to build trust and position you above your competitors in the market place.

So at Impulse, we ensure that on top of creating a professional logo that looks great, the following elements are also encapsulated within your branding:

  • Conveying the personality of your company
  • Aligning your brand with your positioning strategy
  • Defines your language for both your online and offline brand
  • Creating a point of view, look and feel that people will buy into
  • Ensuring that your design works across all media
  • Demonstrating deep understanding of your target clients
  • Anticipating the future growth of your business for your brand to evolve
  • Differentiation. Differentiation. Differentiation!

Once you are happy with your branding, Impulse can also help you to seize every opportunity in managing the perception and visibility of your brand. To help you create a unified visual language that your ideal clients will respond to and most of all, to be obsessive about quality and attention to detail in your branded marketing materials from your business card to your website.

So what can branding do for you?

Give you something quickly that nothing else but years of hard work can… Trust.

For more information about our branding expertise, or to book an appointment with one of our branding experts, please call 01904 430 666 or get it touch via the contact us page.