Brand Identity

Brand Identity

With every branding project, we ensure that we cover every psychological element in getting it 100% right for your target audiences and develop up to 6 concepts, from which we take 3-4 forward for presentation to you.

The development of your brand identity is incredibly exciting for us and takes on average 3-4 days of intense concentration!

If you are unsure whether you need a brand identity expert to help you, here are some of the most common reasons that our clients work with Impulse…

New Company, New Product

  • I’m starting a new business
  • I need a business card and website design
  • We’ve got a new product. It needs a name & logo design
  • We need a campaign that has its own identity
  • We need to launch a world class brand
  • I want to make more money from my existing brand

Revitalise your Brand Identity

  • We are a great company but our image looks dated
  • Our corporate identity doesn’t work very well on the web
  • Our identity does not position us above our competitors
  • Our brand is all over the place and inconsistent
  • I’m embarrassed when I hand out my business card

Name Change

  • Our name no longer fits who we are or our industry
  • We need to change our name and revise our materials
  • Our name has negative connotations
  • Our name misleads our customers
  • People are not responding to our identity
  • Another company has a similar name


Create an Integrated System

  • We do not present a consistent face across our sites
  • We lack visual consistency
  • Our packaging is not distinctive
  • Literature looks like it comes from different places
  • We need to communicate that we are one company
  • Each division has a different marketing theme

Reposition your Brand

  • We want to reposition and renew the corporate brand
  • We’re no longer in the business we were in originally
  • We need to communicate who we are more clearly
  • We need help to enter new markets
  • Our company is not perceived how we want to be seen
  • We want to appeal to new and affluent markets

When Companies Merge

  • We need a new name
  • Need a brand strategy to reflect who we now are
  • Send a clear message that this is an equal merger
  • Build on brand equity of the merging companies
  • Send a strong signal that we are the industry leader
  • Fold the aquisitions brand into our own brand
For more information about branding identity, or to book an appointment with one of our branding experts, please call 01904 430 666 or get it touch via the contact us page.