Why cheap make-do brands don’t work!

Why cheap make-do brands don’t work!

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It may be tempting to ask yourself the reason you should pay so much for a brand, when you can get the one that looks just like it at cheaper fee. It is obvious that you get what you pay for. If all you want is just any old brand that will not take you far, cheap made-to-do brands will do just that for you. This article tries to explain reasons why cheap made-to-do brands do not work.

Cheap made-to-do brands create poor customer awareness. It is a well-established fact that a quality brand appreciates high level of customer recognition and receive enhanced patronage from customers.  Cheap branding designs quickly slip away from memory. This does not place your company on better terrain in todays competitive market; before you know it, your products or services might become obsolete.

Moreover, you need to know that cheap made-to-do brands limit company expansion. New products receive approval in market on the potency of their branding. A weak branding design that does not make much meaning on the minds of your customers cannot empower your new products to command high market share. This scenario can adversely affect the expansion of your company.

In addition, a poor brand reduces customer loyalty. It weakens customer loyalty to your product and diminishes repeat business.  Coca Cola sometimes fails the taste test, Microsoft never has the finest operating system, but their strong brands give them loyalties that make their companies household names.  Loyalty is very important in promoting the image of your company as it helps customer to have mental shortcut of your during purchase selection.  Weak brands do not receive adequate mental short cut when consumers are making their choice and hence, enjoy little repeat buying as a result.

Finally, weak brands also minimize brand equity.  The additional pounds that customers are ready to spend to buy coca cola rather other soda is an illustration of brand equity.  Brands are very important to companies because they are dear customers. People can pay more for a product with strong brand than a weak one. Brands like Nike and Apple influence their brand equity to command high premiums. Cheap made-to-do brands lack equity and as result, present no added – value on a business. Companies with cheap brand equity also stands to forfeit prolonged success because customers tend to have shallow emotional attachments to their products or services.

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