Growing with Twitter

Growing with Twitter

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We have clients asking us on a regular basis… How do we build a respectable presence on Twitter? There is no real secret to twitter, the fundamentals are simple, brand up your page, publish good, relevant content and engage with others.

Quality beats quantity every time. Create content worth sharing. No-one wants to read boring, dull negative posts, people want to have the ability to engage with your content.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help get you started…

Personalise your page
Keep it short and sweet. Carry your brand throughout and provide a short insight to your business. Simple!

Create Valuable Content
If you’re looking for people to share your tweets, you need to share content that interests. Twitter is all about sharing your latest news, but people aren’t always on twitter. Identify your audiences peak time and utilise it.

Comment on relevant content
Commenting on other members tweets gives you a voice and builds you a personality. By raising your voice, people know you’re there and what you’re interested in. You can start to build an image you want to be seen as.

Retweet relevant news/tweets
Identify the leaders in your industry and share their news. This allows you to share meaningful content whilst also associating yourself to reputable organisations.

Promote retweets
Once you’ve built a small following, ask your followers for retweets. It follows in the old tradition of, if you don’t ask you don’t get. People are far more likely to share your tweets if you’re telling them to ‘re-tweet’.

Build suspense
Think of it like a TV station. When they launch a new programme they build suspense by advertising in advance. Do the same with your big news. Let people know something is coming, then they will stay tuned and share.

Exclusive content
Twitter exclusive content really boosts engagement with your audience. This can be through many different roads, such offers, tutorials, advise, guest appearances and much more, but the principle stays the same. Give people something they won’t get anywhere else.

Communicate with your audience
Put simply, talk to your followers. If someone follows you, you have something in common. Share.

In summary
Content, engagement, and rewards will give you the following you’re looking for. Provide your followers with what they want, they will become your own little reps sharing and retweeting, and more followers will come.