UK-ACP new brand goes live

UK-ACP new brand goes live

UKACP - Business Cards

Airport parking is never a fun part of going on holiday, but many people need to sort it. UK Airport Car Parks are a comparison website who looked to change the industry with a unique brand identity and online presence.

We immediately identified the industry is lifeless with no human interaction, so we wanted to add a few friendly faces to the customers user experience. Building the brand around a series of characters accessible across all marketing touch points, we created a brand identity foreign to the industry. The characters created a series of marketing options for the future, whilst also allowing UK Airport Car Parks to deliver information to users in an engaging manor.

Comprising of multiple character based themes, intuitive page layouts and colour coded formatting, we seamlessly carried the branding across their new online presence with the aim of making the user experience as simple as possible.

Once complete, we provided the brand identity, website and marketing materials to their in house web team in order to maintain simple updates moving forward.