Things you should know before starting a website

Things you should know before starting a website

Things to know

Here at Impulse we have been helping both new and established businesses with their website hosting needs since 2010. Our unique team of visual experts offer creative solutions for digital marketing, brands, and designs.

We take the time to get to know you and your brand before using the latest hardware, highest server specifications, and ultimate storage space to craft your website – we also monitor your site 24/7 to ensure optimum uptime.

In this quick, handy blog, we will give you an insight on how you can make a start creating the best website possible to make your small or medium-sized business stand out from the rest, and how we can help you along the way with our website hosting services.


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Hosting & buying a domain

The first thing you need to know about having a website is that you need to buy a domain. Your website domain is (put simply) what comes after “www.” and after “@” in your business email address.

You can buy your domain name from domain name registrars, they cost on average £15.00 a year. Some website hosting companies will include the domain name for you within their start up packages.

Be sure to pick a domain name that is easy to spell and easy to remember so your customers can find you with ease. If you are struggling to come up with a domain name yourself, there are  A.I. generators available to do this for you.



How do I choose a hosting provider? 

So, you’ve chosen and purchased a domain, the next step is choosing a website hosting provider – there is alternatively the option to choose a provider which will do both for you.

There are different hosting plans available, we would suggest that you choose one that will provide regular website backups for you. Other considerations to take into account are their uptime guarantees, redundancy, database type, bandwidth offering, scalability, and accessibility.

Once you have decided what you feel your website will need, you can then think about adding on customer service options, SSL certificates, and email services.

Website design & development

Once you have your website, domain name, and website hosting companies, you can start to think about launching your site! We have provided a few considerations to think about when designing your site;

  • Colours – How do you want your business to be perceived by customers, potential clients, and competitors. Brighter pallets can give the illusion of a fun, youthful company, neutral tones can have a calming effect on your clientele, whereas the use of bold colours can give the appearance of a serious, established business.
  • Fonts – Avoid the use of overwhelming fonts, no matter how ‘fun’ they may be – seriously, no one wants to see Jokerman typeface this side of 1999! Choose a font that is easy to read but also fits well with your brand.
  • Branding – This is everything, you want your brand to stand out and be memorable without being pushed in customers faces. Make sure your brand name and motto can be seen on each page, without it being the main focal point.
  •  Favicons – This simple addition of your branded image can be the perfect finishing touch to your website to give it that polished, professional look. There are favicon A.I. generators that can help with this.
  • Social media links – Nothing can help a business more than social media. To make any small business boom, make sure that you are consistent and present on your social media accounts and have links to those accounts prevalent throughout your website.
  •  Copyright date – This allows visitors to your website to see when its content was published, allowing them to be confident that the information is correct and up to date.
  •  On-page content – Ensure the content is appropriately updated, as well as being informative and easy to read. Data shows that the majority of people are put off by long strings of text, try to break the content up into sections with relevant links for ease of navigation through your site.
  • Website Functionality Test – You need to do regular functionality tests on your website to allow for a constant follow of traffic to your site, this can come from ensuring you have SEO content. A website hosting company will assure that the network provider can support the software, and all other applications your website is supporting.
  • Images/logo placement – Similarly to branding and favicons, images and logos can add that finishing touch to your website. Be sure that the images are detailed and large enough to be seen, without them taking over the entire page. Choosing high resolution images will appear clearer and more professional.
  • Test contact details & forms  These are useless if they don’t work correctly so it is imperative that you test all forms on your website before going live. As well as checking the form works, ensure there is a message that pop’s up for your customer after the form is submitted. This gives the customer the peace of mind that their enquiry has been submitted correctly.


How impulse can help you!

Impulse is an expert website hosting group that understands its customers needs. We offer comprehensive website hosting services to eliminate the need for multiple website hosting companies. Get in touch with our friendly team to see what we can do for you, give us a call on 01904 430 666 to discuss a new project, or email us at Alternatively, please complete the contact form on our website and we will be in touch at a time to suit you.