Sizing it up

Sizing it up

Responsive Websites

Everyone wants the latest tech devices, from Motorola’s high resolution Nexus 6 to the latest 5k 27 inch iMac from Apple. We’re just the same. And as much as these devices are great, they can considerably change the way your business works online.

Back in the earlier days of web, you could run your business with a simple website layout with no worries about who will be viewing, what device they will be on and whether there will be consequences for someone viewing on the wrong browser. Today, this is an increasing aspect you need to incorporate within your marketing plan.

Many people think websites magically evolve as the tech world does. This really isn’t the case. Their are multiple ways to ensure the right strategy is in place for your business and a vast range of tools available to keep your strategy in check. In the past, we’ve built very intricate online platforms, that in essence are several different websites seamlessly combined, to ensure that no matter whether your audience are on a small iPhone 5c or Apples latest 27’’ 5k iMac, your brand is carried across perfectly.

It’s important to bare this in mind when it comes to your next website updates.