New brand alert – Seventeen

New brand alert – Seventeen

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Impulse Branding & Web recently undertook the exciting challenge of designing a brand and logo for the clothing company Seventeen.

With a keen understanding of the brand’s vision and target market, Impulse embarked on a meticulous process of research and inspiration. We delved into fashion trends, competitor analysis, and audience preferences to inform their design decisions. Through countless iterations and refinements, they carefully crafted a logo that captured the essence of Seventeen and showcased its unique identity.



The logo design exemplified simplicity and timelessness, ensuring its longevity and adaptability across various mediums. We paid particular attention to typography and colour selection, opting for a typeface that conveyed freshness and style, while the colour palette reflected the brand’s personality. The result was a visually captivating logo that perfectly represented the spirit of Seventeen and positioned the brand for success in the competitive fashion industry.



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