What makes a blog great for your business?

What makes a blog great for your business?

Blogs started their life as an online publishing system to allow individuals to write and publish their own ideas and opinions on the internet.

Initially, blog posts were shown in chronological order and this gave the appearance of a diary. Nowadays a blog is as flexible in its look and functionality as a traditional website. In fact, business blogging has converted modern communication into an effective marketing tool for businesses.

So what are the benefits of using a blog as part of your online marketing campaign?

  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • You add pages through a simple interface and there is no need for a web designer to update it for you.
  • You can do it all yourself and in double quick time.
  • Your visitors can leave comments and respond to your posts, enabling you to open a conversation with potential client’s partners.
  • All comments are seen by you first so if you don’t like them, don’t show them.
  • It is easy to organise a blog into subjects and categories, giving you more time to concentrate on adding your content.
  • Search engine’s love blogs because they thrive on fresh, keyword rich content. You can rank very highly for the search terms you are promoting.
  • You can instantly distribute your content. Using RSS (built into all Impulse blogs), you can distribute your latest news and information, both instantly and automatically to search engines, specialist directories and potential customers.
  • You can have multiple bloggers and allow access to any number of people so you have several authors contributing to your topics.
  • Permalinks: Every post and category has its own address, so you can refer to them in articles and emails knowing they’ll always be found.

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