Getting Started

Getting Started

When you work with Impulse, your website design and development is referred to as an ‘online business’.

Because there is so much more to your website than a pretty design or fancy ideas to display your information.

Whether you are looking for a brand new website, or a replacement for your current website, there are some elements you really must consider as part of your website strategy to ensure you are investing in the right online business tool for your company to grow.

For instance, we guarantee every 6 months your business will evolve and look different to the previous 6 months:

  • Your list of business services will have evolved or even grown
  • Your list of benefits will have developed
  • You will have new testimonials and case studies to show
  • Your position in the market place may have changed and therefore your additional and new target audience will react differently to your offering
  • Your competitors may be offering something new that you could easily offer your clients before they do
  • Technology will have changed, allowing you to express your services and benefits in new and different ways
  • Methods of communication will have changed, opening up a whole host of opportunities for you to engage with your clients and new prospects
  • The businesses of your existing clients’ will have changed

If you want to ensure you are not losing business to your competitors, these are just some of the elements to your website that you want to make sure you can change yourself with an in-built content management system.

So what is a website… In real terms?

First of all it is important to understand that website design and website development are very different things. Many websites are either…

  • Great looking, but lack in purpose and interactivity – Usually created by the well known term ‘Website Designer’.
  • Or they are very functional, but difficult to navigate to the point of frustration – Usually created by a ‘Website Developer’ or IT company.

Neither are actually very practical and are generally a waste of investment unless the two are working together!

At Impulse, our website designers, website developers, website strategy experts and online marketeers work cohesively together as a team to ensure a full 360 degree delivery from every angle.

What is the best approach for your website?

Stick to the KIS principle of ‘Keep It Simple’ and first of all focus on your website strategy. This is the most important and worthwhile investment you can make before getting started on the design, development or content. After all, you wouldn’t build a house without first planning where everything is going to go, drawing up your plans and laying down the foundations. Building your business and your website is no different.

If you want your website to last and deliver a good return on your investment, you are best getting it right from the very beginning.

For more information about getting started with your website, or to book an appointment with one of our website experts, please call 01904 430 666 or get it touch via the contact us page.