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We thoroughly believe that effective branding design is at the heart of your business!

Our Website Hosting Services In York 

At Impulse, we provide much more than a website hosting service.

There are many website hosting solutions out there and unfortunately, there are only a small proportion of reliable and robust ones to choose from. Generally speaking the cheaper they are, the more likely you are to receive a huge amount of spam and reliability is poor. Reliability is the most important thing to consider and the server “going down” when using a cheaper alternative can have a massive impact on your business. In the case of eCommerce, it results in actual monetary losses. In the case of a brochure site, your potential customer and clients can’t see your services and this looks highly unprofessional. The main worries and questions our clients want answers to are:

  • What happens if / when it stops working?
  • What if your website takes a long time to load?
  • Who will be there to help you?

Impulse have conquered these issues by providing a fully rounded hosting and management service to ensure you can continue with your business without worrying about these technical issues. Our server hosting is second to none and is managed 24/7 by an expert technical team who are fanatical about customer service. Unlike many other providers, all your website files are backed up for you regularly and uptime is kept to a maximum. 


Why Should Host My Website Or Emails WIth Impulse? 

Website hosting with Impulse includes the following benefits:

  • Latest hardware with the highest server technical specification available for increased processing speed, therefore your website page download speed will be quicker
  • 100% monitored 24/7 for optimum uptime
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange accounts with unlimited storage space and spam protection
  • Managed monthly backup of your full website on the server
  • Webspace provided within your service package level

For the best quality website hosting and maintenance packages, please call 01904 430666 or get in touch via the contact us page.

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