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Digital & Traditional Media

We thoroughly believe that effective branding design is at the heart of your business.

Even though the majority of the work we output are branding, design and web based projects, we have helped our clients in lots of other areas and mediums.

Your brand is your promise and the expectations that reside in each customers mind about your product, your service and your company. People fall in love with brands, trust them, develop strong loyalties to them, buy them and believe in their superiority.

Traditional & Digital Print

At impulse, we have extensive print based experience between our designers. We utilise the right processes to ensure you receive the best results and can advise on stock and finsihes. For standard printing services we are very competitive, but unlike other price competitive printers we also offer a very bespoke service and we can help with anything you need from a standard business card to full retail signage.

Video & Animation

Videos & online animation can give life to your business, helping you bring your services to the attention of your audience by either demonstrating or explaining your product/services for any industry such as marketing, training, product launches or eLearning etc.

The use of short animated videos, or explainer videos are great ways to help or explain things in less than a fews minutes. They can outline complex ideas in simple, clear and impactful ways. They are used as one of today’s most helpful mediums for businesses to explain their goods/services in a way that resonates with the pain-points of your target audience — introducing their product or service as the best solution.


Over the years, Impulse has worked alongside some of the best and more practised copywriters in the UK. From writing copy for your new website, brochure content or product instructions, to translating your sales collateral into another language, we have strategic partnerships with a group of hand-picked organisations that understand how to write for the medium you’re using to promote your message… as writing content for a website page is poles apart from writing content for a legal document.

As we want your project to not only look good but likewise read correctly too, we’re more than happy to assist in finding you the right people to work on alongside us om your project.


E-Flyers are used to advertise and market your business, event or product. E-flyers can be created and emailed to recipients or placed on websites, where they can be opened and printed physically. It’s a low cost but powerful way to get your message across to an audience.


As we’ve told many a client… “Photography can either make or break your project!” When working on a website, brochure or marketing campaign, the use of poor/low-quality images, photos that are not relevant to your business or location or images you have simply do not have the permission to use, will cause the projects outcome to suffer. We can help you either enrol one of our trusted strategic photographers to work alongside us, or show you online options that can also do a job.

For more information about our branding expertise, or to book an appointment with one of our branding experts, please call 01904 430 666 or get it touch via the contact us page.