Rise and Shine its Rosie’s Diner Time

Rise and Shine its Rosie’s Diner Time

Rosie's Diner - Branding and Logo Design

American Diner’s are on the rise in the UK, but most end up tacky, lack imagination and serve sub standard food. Rosie’s Diner is a 24/7 American Diner like you won’t have seen before, with quality at the forefront of all they provide.

We’ve been collaborating with the company owners for some time and back in October 2013 we received the call to help with the creation of the new Diner’s brand identity. The aim was American Diner that shouts quality, family friendly atmosphere and food like no other seen before. We borrowed traditional American Diner elements and recycled them into a fun, timeless and family friendly brand. We then cemented these elements within an intensive brand guideline to ensure the identity is never loses it’s edge.

Rosie’s immediately then commissioned us to create a unique online presence like no other diner, whilst also helping with the interior design. This then became a special project and we said goodbye to sleeping for a few months.

After many late nights and hundreds of coffee’s and red bulls, everything is coming together. There is tiered dining platforms, a centre placed open plan bar, school bus inside dining and one hell of an awesome monster truck. we’re all really looking forward to our first official meal at Rosie’s.