Principles for Good Website Design

Principles for Good Website Design

Principles for Good Website Design

Website design is of ultimate importance when considering that 72% of searches for products and services are now carried out online. Your website is the most valuable and cost effective marketing tool your business will ever have. Managed correctly, your website complimented with a good website design will ensure your business success and add a handsome price to your business should you choose to sell it.

When considering a website for your business, the most obvious and primary objective is for it to convert good quality business sales for you. This may be measured via enquiries or through a direct-selling, e-commerce website’s sales.

“Website design” is the term most commonly used when referring to a website as a whole. A website is actually made up from three essential component parts that constitute a well-structured and website development that can then be broken down into the essential principles of a successful website:

Carefully thought-out design:

A good website is one that is both congruent to your brand design and conveys a professional feel which automatically builds trust and rapport with your prospects. A great misunderstanding by many businesses is how much importance should be given to your brand. All marketing your collateral including will be far more successful when it is considered the life-blood and theme to everything your clients see, hear and feel about your business.

Great website content management:

There is a massive difference between good website content and great website content. In most cases the business owner or manager is not always the right person to write the website content using the content management system (CMS), yet they quite often put themselves in charge of this task. Does this sound familiar?! Put simply, you wouldn’t let a plumber perform your open heart surgery would you? Trying to stretch yourself to a task which is not your strength, or going to support the long term success of your website strategy and ultimately your business will actually hinder your online sales strategy. Having understood your target audience through a thorough brand strategy exercise, the choice of language and dialect used to convert your audience into a customer is absolutely essential. Our experience has shown that driving volumes of visitors to your website is only optimised by the increase of conversion through its content.

Focussed and intelligent online marketing:

A website that appears at the No. 1 position of the organic listing (i.e. the main listing of results on the left hand side of the search engine pages – see Google in fig.1 below) through a well thought-out campaign has been proven to get at least 42% of ALL the clicks on the page.


These three key components to a successful website are then broken down into these essential principles that when followed lead to the ultimate success of your growth strategy.