Lauren’s Cows

Lauren's Cows

About the project

Lauren’s Cows are renowned for top quality art and homeware pieces, all featuring the characterful cows of Lauren Terry.

Whether you’re looking for a Highland Cow print for your lounge, a fun gift for a fellow cow lover or something to brighten your kitchen table we have the right cow for you!

We worked closely with Lauren's Cows to understand their brand identity and messaging goals, and crafted a piece that not only highlights the unique qualities of her artwork, but also connects with her target audience.

Through the use of stunning photographs and a clean, besopke design, we have successfully created a e-commerce site that not only showcases our capabilities as web developers, but also highlights the unique and stunning items, offered by Lauren's Cows.

We have been using Impulse Branding and Marketing for a number of years. The work Tom and his team do is excellent, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Nick Bascombe-Fox - Managing Director