Erda Energy

Erda Energy

About the project

Working towards a zero-carbon future. Erda are changing the way we use energy.

Erda are helping to replace old, wasteful systems with efficient ones, and to replace old ideas about energy supply and management with modern, carbon-saving solutions, we are helping Erda to provide their clients with the correct data insights to make informed decisions.

We worked to produce an informative and well-designed website that not only looked great but integrated with Erda Smart to provide clients and industry leaders with real-time information. Genius & Me provided the illustrations and we brought them to life. We continue to work with Erda on an ongoing basis to provide efficiency through understanding.

We at Erda Energy are always so pleased by the work Impulse does for us. Impulse Team communicate well and always add a creative twist to our graphics and any requests we have!

Rachel Feeney - Erda Energy Analyst