Password protected?

Password protected?

Password protected?

Security is paramount in our field of business and can’t be taken lightly. We tell you this from experience! We’ve had to learn the hard way, as have many digital companies have. Just take Apple and their latest iCloud hacking situation.

We host hundreds of websites and thousands of email accounts, all with clients loosely sharing their content management system details or email account passwords as they need too. We can’t begin to explain how important it is that you don’t do this, and there are a range of rules we try and teach.

Now you may be sat reading this thinking, “who could possibly want access to my details” or “that wouldn’t happen to me”. Thats not quite the way the web world works. You’ll be suppressed at the number of clients we’ve had this issue with and through no fault of our own. We operate with 15 character highly secure passwords combined with individual usernames. Alongside this we also provide the highest level of server security available to us, ensuring you never have problems.

We advise you to change your passwords once you gain access, to something 10 characters or more with a mixture of upper case, lower case and digits. This said we have had clients in the past changing their logins to ‘login’, ‘password’ and their company name. We don’t mean to be rude, but this kind of choice of password really isn’t the greatest of ideas.

If you’re worried about security in anyway, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll help in any way we can.

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