Today we launch a new site for Beth Moulam

Today we launch a new site for Beth Moulam

Beth Moulam - new website on tablet

Today we are excited and proud to have helped Beth Moulam launch her newly created, bespoke website after months of design and development work.

Beth’s website was originally created in 2008, when she was 14 with the aim of sharing her personal views, experiences and opinions with specific spotlight areas relating to Beth’s lived experience of cerebral palsy (CP), dysarthria which creates speech and eating challenges, and a hearing impairment.

The new site has a whole fresh look and clean user interface, but still with a focus on her lived experiences… we look forward to seeing how Beth will use her new website to share her unique experiences, information and future journey with her established audience moving forward.

Good Luck Beth!


Beth MoulamBeth Moulam


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