When to Modify your Brand Identity

When to Modify your Brand Identity

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There are a number of situations that call for brand identity modifications. Let’s look at a few of the situations that might call for the revision of your brand identity.

Brand Identity Changes are in Order if…

  • Your industry has changed. A well-designed brand identity is originated with the capability of evolving with its industry; however, if it wasn’t created with that ability or your industry has changed so drastically that it no longer works well, modification (or a complete overhaul) is in order.
  • Your organisation is going international. When your brand identity was first created, you were a local business. Now, you’re spreading your global wings but your brand identity still has that small-town feel. Taking your brand to the world will require some adjustments.
  • Your brand was never a perfect fit; you are unsatisfied with its performance. In this case, it will likely need to be re-designed from the beginning.
  • Your brand identity is non-existent. In other words, you have never put your organisation through the phases of creating a proper brand strategy.
  • There is inconsistency in your brand identity. Your brand communications are not congruent across your operation, or each division and product seems to stand alone, without correlation to the mother brand.
  • Your products’ packaging is not getting the attention it deserves. In this case, re-branding will be necessary to claim the level of mindshare – and shelf-share – that will positively affect your bottom line.
  • Your product or service is good enough to market to a more affluent market. A new brand identity can be designed to create a new brand appeal for your new – and more lucrative – audience.
  • The existing brand identity is sending all the wrong messages and creating misconceptions. An improved brand identity will be a true representation of your values and will communicate the types of messages that will speak directly to your dream clients.
  • When two companies merge, the brand identities of both should be monopolised upon, so that the equity already built in both will benefit the new brand identity. This will require some creative thinking – to send the message that the merger is one of equality and increased benefit for all.
  • If the name of your business is changing, a new brand identity will be necessary for taking that new name to the world (or to your corner of the world).
  • If a new product or service is being added to your current brand identity, it may need to be adjusted to include the benefits of the new “family member.” This need is highly dependent upon the nature of the product in relationship to the mother brand.


These situations are only a sampling of the cases in which your brand identity may need to be tweaked or revamped. To learn more about branding and how a branding expert can improve your circumstances, simply call 01904 430 666 or get in touch with us via the contact form below.