Logo Trends That Are Making Their Return

Logo Trends That Are Making Their Return

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Trendy Logo Designs For 2022

As a professional graphic design agency based in York, at Impulse, we offer a wide range of graphical imagery services for small and medium-sized businesses across the UK.

Part of this process involves working closely with companies to improve their branding, helping them to better connect with their target audience.

We can assist with branding and identity, web design and development, hosting, content management, and everything in between.

But the topic for this particular blog post is logo designs — something we have great experience with. Here, we showcase a selection of logo design trends that are making a hit in 2022 and demonstrate how these can help businesses to grow.

Our Picks For Trending Logo Designs So Far In 2022

Bold and adventurous logos are certainly on trend this 2022, but we are also seeing various typography-based logos, plus retro designs and even those containing blurred elements. Below, we outline 5 of our favourite trending logo designs:

  • Retro Illustrations — Retro designs with illustrations are highly popular this year, especially those that feature mascots and company characters. The 1930s ‘rubber hose animation’ style is typical of this trend.
  • Typography-Based — The use of typography to create unique and interesting logos have been prevalent this 2022. It is not uncommon to see a balanced mixture of lettering and graphics used to generate impactful designs.
  • Blurred Logos — Some companies are using blurred imagery effects to differentiate themselves from competitors. Blurring graphical elements is typical of this trend, but several businesses are opting to blur parts or entire areas of text as well.
  • Layer Elements — Brands are increasingly using layered elements in their designs, including the use of geometric shapes and illustrations to effortlessly blend with text. Typical examples include striking patterns and elements of layered typography.
  • Warped Lettering — Warped or distorted lettering is another example of how brands are finding new ways to stand out from the crowd. Stretching layered areas of text or specific parts of the logo is intended to engage the viewer.



How These Trending Designs Could Help Your Business Grow

Establishing a suitable brand image is crucial to successfully connect with customers. Part of this process inevitably involves a company logo. Below are some examples of how such designs can impact business growth:

  • A bespoke logo allows businesses to more easily demonstrate their values to prospects.
  • Tailor-made logos appear more professional and enable companies to differentiate themselves from competitors.
  • A professionally designed logo can attract new types of customers, especially when completed alongside a full branding revamp.
  • A custom logo ensures similar firms cannot easily replicate a company’s branding.

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In this blog post, we have covered just some of 2022’s logo design trends. To hire a professional logo designer, get in touch with us today on 01904 430 666 and enquire about our graphic design services. Alternatively, e-mail our team at hello@weareimpulse.com. We look forward to helping your business succeed.