New website launch – Lauren’s Cows

New website launch – Lauren’s Cows

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We are excited to share the journey of building a new e-commerce website for Lauren’s Cows, a brand well-known for its delightful cow art by the talented artist, Lauren Terry. Lauren sought to provide its customers with a seamless and enjoyable online shopping experience.

As a brand dedicated to showcasing Lauren’s vibrant and whimsical cow paintings, it was crucial for the new e-commerce website to capture the essence of her artistry. The challenge was to create a platform that would not only reflect the brand’s unique identity but also cater to the ever-evolving online shopping landscape, whilst also, understanding the importance of mobile devices in today’s e-commerce world. The new design allows customers to effortlessly navigate through the site, browse products, and make purchases on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The journey of building a new e-commerce website for demonstrates the power of collaboration between artists and web developers. Impulse’s expertise in e-commerce solutions, combined with Lauren’s unique artistic vision, has paved the way for a remarkable online shopping experience that brings the world of cow art to life. Don’t hesitate to visit the new and improved website and immerse yourself in the charming world of Lauren Terry’s paintings.



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