Impulse – The Design Agency

Impulse – The Design Agency

Choosing a Branding Design Agency

If you’re looking for a job in design work, you may be looking at the various design agencies in York. There are plenty to choose from, but you want to know what they offer and what they expect from you. This is very different to working for yourself as a freelancer.

The Skills You Require

As a freelancer, you will need to wear multiple hats. You need to be the designer, the project manager, the boss and the marketer all at the same time. With a design agency, this isn’t as much of a requirement. You will need the basic design skills, and most agencies will have requirements listed before you apply for the job. That doesn’t stop you needing to have great skills and a good eye for detail.

Timing of Work

In the majority of cases, you will have a nine to five job for an agency. There may be a few times that you need to take the work home with you or stay work, especially as projects get close to the deadlines. The benefit is you will have a project manager, who will be able to make sure you stay ahead and complete tasks on time. Time management skills are still essential.

Location of Work

Most of the time, you will remain in your office. It can be an isolating job, but it does depend on how the company is laid out. There will be times that you will need to meet with clients, but this is often done within the company. In most cases, the project manager and boss will meet with the clients, and you just have to get the design work finished.

There are benefits of working for a design agency. The main one is the set hours that you will work, while not having to wear as many hats. You can also have a set salary, since you’re not reliant on having a certain number of clients. Make sure you know everything about working for an agency and the skill requirements before you apply for a job with one in York.

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