Impulse – Bright and Shining

Impulse – Bright and Shining

Bright and Shining - Thank you

After the first month at BNI York Apex, I quickly realised that as a business we will need to rebrand in order to improve our overall cooperate image. I was not sure what that involved although I knew that was your speciality.

Master-colourFrom the day I gave you the job until now and probably further on, you have been very professional, available, supportive but most of all patient. It can be hard to explain technical stuffs to individuals alien to your job and it can become frustrating. You were never tired to repeat yourself, make suggestions, explain and do the odd bits.

You have design my logo and it looks the part; all my customers have mentioned the new look with a smile. We are more visible now that before. Without any rush, you have delivered required work in time and on budget.

I will highly recommend you to anyone looking to rebrand or start up a business and needing branding.

Yours sincerely

Claris Spence
Managing Director

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