Feed your inner winner

Feed your inner winner

Winner Winner - Dive Bar & Grill - Logo

We’re proud to finally show case one of our finest brand creations for York’s one and only Dive Bar, Winner Winner.

Since October we’ve been working with restaurant owners Jane and Michael on creating a fresh image to suit their new Dive Bar. Based in one of Yorks prime locations looking out onto the river ouse, Winner Winner needed something unique and edgy to stand out from the crowd.

With inspiration brought from the deep southern states of America on the food front, Vegas on the theme and Manchester’s Northern Quarter for the style, we set out to create a truly amazing look to match Winner Winner’s tasty menu.

Combining a mix of strong colours, bold branding and quirky artwork, we couldn’t be happier with the end results. Winner Winner now have a strong foundation to move their restaurant forward with, that really is like nothing else in York.

We’re not the only ones that think it’s pretty good. We’ve been blown away by some of the responses from customers and couldn’t be happier with the feedback from Jane and Michael. We look forward to working with them in the future and wish them all the luck this year.