DIY logos – Why you’ll get it wrong without professional help!

DIY logos – Why you’ll get it wrong without professional help!

Wrong - Why you'll get it wrong without professional help

Logos have the crucial role of representing a brand, supporting it, making it evergreen on the minds of consumers; it even stimulates reasonable emotion from them.  It portrays all that the business stands for; speaks volume of its visions, goals, missions and ideals in one long-term symbol. It is there no gainsaying to say logos are influential. If you consider using DIY approach to design your business logo, you may need to be very careful as this may take your company nowhere. This piece explores the reasons why you will get it wrong using DIY logos without professional help.

A serious problem that crop-up when using DIY logo is the tendency to settle for what you see as “good”,  but this may not be good enough from the professional point of view. If you consider the logos of the most valuable brands, you will observe the reasons why logos need be great. Well-researched logos are special, effective, ageless and memorable. Moreover, with time, they have the power to attain iconic status – consider Microsoft or Dell.

Moreover, using DIY logo may result in waste of business resources. If your business brand logo is DIY, how much time do you devote to market survey, designing and testing? If you assign a member of your staff to handle this task on part-time basis, you may be limiting your brand potential and wasting your resources as well. Brand professionals take time and skill to create logos that are valuable to your consumers.

In addition, your DIY logo may lack global perspectives. If your internal logo designers are not receiving succor from external professional, they may be myopic in their perspectives. There is tendency for people who work at a company for many years to have narrow perspective of the outside views of their consumers and thus making it harder to reason like customers. Professionals understand this phenomenon. They are peradventure members of your global consumers. They can easily understand when things go awry and may serve to restore the image of your business.

Finally, using DIY approach to design your company logo may lack consistency. If your company has high number of employees and branding responsibilities are rotated among many workers, this can retard the concentration and consistency of your company brand management. If you hire professional, your branding will not only be consistent, it will be delivered on time and on budget.

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