Choosing a Web Design Agency

Choosing a Web Design Agency

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There are many agencies offering web design and development in York. Narrowing it down takes time, and there are many questions. Just what should you look out for before you choose a web development and design agency? Here are three tips to help with your choice.

Who Will Handle Your Design Work?

Having one person within the agency to work on your design is beneficial. Too many designers can leave a website looking messy and unfinished. It’s worth asking who will handle the work, and get a number to contact that person on. Email addresses are great, too, and getting a turnaround time for email responses will help you plan ahead.

What’s the Track Record?

Do some research into the track record for the web design agency by asking for case studies and the portfolio. This is a great way to see if the work matches your needs and tastes. When you see the samples, always look online to make sure the companies exist. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous businesses that make up all the companies they’ve “worked with” in the past.

It’s also worth looking online for any testimonials and reviews. Third-party websites will give you all-round reviews to help you make decisions.

What Are the Terms and Conditions?

This is extremely important with any web development company. They will all have their own terms and conditions, including fees for bug fixing or hidden costs for file backups. The more you know upfront, the better you can plan your budget. Only companies that have something to hide will be unwilling to answer all questions.

Get a quote for the work you need and then find out if there are any extra fees you may be faced with during your project. It’s also important to find out if you or the company owns the source code, in case you decide to go elsewhere at a later date.

You can’t just look for the nearest web design agency in York. Finding the perfect one is important to create the best website for your business.

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