Choosing a Branding Design Agency

Choosing a Branding Design Agency

Branding - Building a connection between customers and a company

Choosing a Branding Design Agency

Choosing a branding design agency needn’t leave you with a headache. There are several indicators that will help you sift through the dross, average, and exceptional agencies that will help your business grow to its full potential. Here are those indicators…

Branding design agencies are defined, and judged, by their work. That’s why the quality of their portfolio is so important. A good portfolio will consist of several case studies and design illustrations that show you the work done. You can review these to see if the work matches your expectations. If it doesn’t, move on. Simple.

A good portfolio speaks for itself.

The consultation process is so, so important for branding. In-person is always best, but a phone consultation is fine too. You want to work with a branding design agency that shows a genuine and passionate interest in your business. They should “just get it” and be able to recommend actions and interesting ideas immediately. At Impulse, we take the time to understand every business we provide a consultation for.

A good consultation always matters.

Beyond the logo
Many people assume that a logo is a brand. While it is certainly a part of it, a brand is more than that. A brand incorporates your business ideals into it and evokes how people will think of you. A good branding design agency will not fixate on a logo or other single design elements. They will look to create a brand that encompasses and matches your business. It will be strong and consistent across all mediums.

Your logo is important, but it’s only one element of a brand.

Lastly, testimonials and reviews are worth their weight in gold not just to the agency, but also to you as a prospective customer. They allow you to read the thoughts of other customers and assess the agency’s ability to work with you. Of course, businesses only tend to publish their best testimonials so it’s also worth searching for the agency in question on Google. You might just unearth some more juicy information about them.

If you can’t find any testimonials, ask the agency for some.

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