Branding is Not Just Creating Yourself a Logo

Branding is Not Just Creating Yourself a Logo

Branding is not just creating yourself a logo

When you mention branding to someone, they will more often than not think that you are talking about logo design. This is a common mistake that often leads to businesses not doing enough to build their brand, since they assume that the job is done once that shiny new logo goes on the business cards and letterheads. Being happy to settle for a logo or a catchy slogan means that you are not taking your branding to the levels that you could, which essentially adds up to selling your business short.

Let’s break it down a little further to see what the differences are between having a logo and building a brand. A logo is essentially the symbol that a business outs forth in an effort to make themselves recognizable to the consumer. The average person will be able to readily identify hundreds of different logo’s, yet will only be able to go into detail about what each of those company’s does or represents. This is where branding comes in, at it is used to deliver an emotional response on some level. A logo is where branding begins, but it is most certainly not where it ends.

This is not to say that the logo isn’t an important part of the branding process, because it most definitely is. Your brand will start to develop when your business interacts with the customers that use it. While you lay the foundation for your brand, it is essentially the consumer that elevates it and makes it either positive or negative. It is from that feedback, though, that you can start to cater it more towards what the customer wants, which is the only way to build a brand that will be considered timeless.

For example, let’s thing back to the day that the Disney Company was formed and they trotted out their now iconic logo. People would have had very little idea about what they were going to get from that company by just seeing the logo alone. It wasn’t until the movies and theme parks came, and Disney delivered wholesome family entertainment that people began to see what the brand was behind that logo. You can now see that logo and have some sort of emotional reaction to it, as well as just finding it to be visually appealing.

In order to build a brand that goes well beyond the logo, your business needs to work hard to make sure that your corporate message is made clear to everyone that uses your services. There will of course be times when people are unhappy with what you do, but if you can maintain a high level of positivity and customer satisfaction, you will soon find that the logo becomes more than just a collection of beautifully drawn lines. It will in fact deliver an emotional response that creates a good feeling in the majority of people that see it.

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