Branding design – why your business needs a brand

Branding design – why your business needs a brand

Choosing a Branding Design Agency

Competing in a competitive market isn’t easy and your small business will need an edge to stand out from the crowd. The best edge you can invest in? Branding.

Brand design is not just for big companies. It’s for everyone, from the sparkie and man in the van to start-ups and online retailers. Every business can benefit from a strong brand and flourish under it. You can think of your brand as the interaction point that evokes how people will think of you. It is more than just a logo or name.

Here’s three reasons why your business needs a brand:

1. Stand out from the crowd

There are over a hundred thousand small businesses in the United Kingdom. There are probably several in your market. Unless you have a patented product, anybody can sell the same stuff as you. If you offer a service, anybody can offer the same service as you. A brand will differentiate you from the competition and help you stand out. This is important for any business, no matter the competition in the market.

2. A clear, strong business message

Strong and consistent branding helps clarify what your business and products stands for. It sets a precedent for customers who are new to your business and products. An example is Quote Me Happy; the brand name tells you the business’s purpose. For product branding, a great example is Oven Pride; the brand name evokes a feeling, “pride”.  An example without a catchy name is Amazon; the logo has a smile on it.

3. Driving business reputation

A strong and consistent brand helps customers remember and recognise you. It helps to form a level of trust with customers and employees. A good reputation translates to customers feeling good about shopping with you. If you don’t have a strong and consistent brand, you will find that your business reputation isn’t as powerful as it could be. People will not share their experiences readily. Branding therefore is important for business reputation.

Branding with Impulse

If you own a small business, then you also own a brand. The key now is to build that brand and bring it out to the forefront of your business. Call us on 01904 430 666 to discuss branding for your business or get in touch with us via the contact form below.