Impulse – BodyUK Testimonial

Impulse – BodyUK Testimonial

BodyUK - Thank you

“Build a brand that represents how things will look in the future”. At least this is what I was told!

I contacted Tim and the Impulse team after speaking with a business partner who highly recommended their services.

Our company is BodyUK a health, fitness and lifestyle performance brand that is based in Surrey, UK.

We were going through quite a rapid transformation and were looking for a new brand identity that will represent us way into the future as we continue to grow.

Tim was quick, super efficient and simply wowed us with his ideas and understanding of exactly what we were looking for when it came to the new identity.

He created 3 possible visions for our next step and we ran with the one we saw as the perfect fit. Tweaks and alterations were made, but within just a few weeks we were up and moving with a brand that we believe will immediately challenge our biggest competitor now nationally rather than just locally.

I would highly recommend speaking with Impulse. Even if it’s just to sharpen up your focus when it comes to perfecting the vision of your brand identity.

BodyUK-LogoOf course I’d also recommend their services.

I guess all that is left to say is thank you and I look forward to joining you again on future projects.”

Jem Scragg
Director – Fitness Coach

BodyUK Limited