Helping Adies build a great brand

Helping Adies build a great brand

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Designing a new brand for Adies York Ltd (a leading a leading construction company based in York) was an exciting challenge that allowed Impulse to showcase our creativity and strategic thinking skills. Our goal was to create a brand that not only reflects the unique qualities and values of the company but also resonates with its target audience.

To achieve this, Impulse started by conducting extensive research on the company’s history, values, and competition. This research allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the company’s brand identity and unique selling points.

Using this information, we developed a brand strategy that included a brand name, logo, and visual identity. The new brand was created to reflect the company’s focus on providing quality home improvement services that enhance the comfort and beauty of homes.

The new logo was designed to be simple, modern, and memorable, with a bold font and a clean, minimalist design. The colors chosen for the logo and visual identity were fresh and crisp, reflecting the company’s commitment to creating modern and clean living spaces.



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