A fresh take on Lindum’s look and feel.

A fresh take on Lindum’s look and feel.

Lindum Packaging new website

Lindum Packaging has been a client of ours for several years now. We recently undertook the updating of their brand. The site was originally created by Impulse but with a new marketing team looking to breathe a fresh breath of air into the project, we were asked to freshen it up to match. 

One of the things we always suggest when looking at a branding update is a few days work to do what we like to call a “Brand Reimagining”. Before getting too stuck into the finer points we like to spend a day on each suggested route. This involves us setting 2 to 3 loose stylings and suggesting new colourways, fonts, logo applications and ways to use icons/photography.

We find that when moving a brand forward, it’s a much different proposition to starting a new one. When creating a brand from scratch we implement a brand strategy process to get as much info as possible from the client as this leads the creative which helps us work towards a better final outcome.

When moving a brand forward, and not totally rebranding it, we find that the opposite approach creates the best outcome. By throwing out some quick routes, it gets the client thinking about how it could look overall. It’s always easier to start the conversation with visuals than it is to try to get the client to picture it in their head from the off.


Lindum Packaging Brand GuidelineLindum Box Stacking Lindum Nano Film

Lindum Packaging Brand assets


The old site was lacking in a way to display the products, so we have used WooCommerce and extended it out to allow a product search functionality, paired with a clean striped back website, new fonts, colours and good photography they now have a modern site that stands out in their industry.

Since creating the website and brand we continue to work with Emily and the team to create all kinds of marketing assets on a weekly basis. It’s always a real pleasure working with Lindum. If you would like to find out more about a refreshing packaging consultancy then head on over to www.lindumpackaging.com


Lindum Packaging Info graphicLindum Packaging Website


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