9 must-have features for E-commerce sites

9 must-have features for E-commerce sites

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Top features for E-commerce websites

In this blog post, we outline some of the must-have features that all credible ecommerce websites should have.

At Impulse, we know only too well that shopping sites with solid branding and functionality are more likely to engage customers and sell. As well as being experts in ecommerce, we also provide website design, graphic design, branding consultancy, content management, and more.


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9 Features Every Ecommerce Website Should Consider

Shopping websites often have a wide array of features, some more useful than others. Below are 9 of the must-have features that every online store should have:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Design — Just under half of all online transactions are now completed via a smartphone. A site that functions on all devices (desktop, mobile, laptops, tablets, etc.) will engage a larger audience.
  2. Secure Shopping — These days, gaining customer trust is vital to business success. Using all modern security methods is important to secure the personal details of customers, and prevent fraud and identity theft.
  3. Wish Lists — Often associated with Amazon, ‘wish lists’ are a powerful way to shore-up future sales. They allow customers to ‘bookmark’ products they wish to buy in future. This means they are much more likely to come back.
  4. High-Resolution Imagery & Videos — Having high-quality photographs and videos of products for sale allows customers to see in detail what they are buying. If they can view the product from all angles in great clarity, this is a major bonus.
  5. Promotions & Special Offers — Stores that have the functionality to launch promotions and special offers via discount codes, sale items and similar are more likely to bolster their sales. This is a key feature for all ecommerce sites.
  6. Related Items — The ‘related items’ feature should never be overlooked as it has been proven to increase sales. Showcasing similar items to the one a customer is currently viewing keeps them online longer and provides more options, increasing the likelihood they will buy.
  7. User-Generated Reviews — Reviews are a ‘make or break’ factor in purchase decision-making. Allowing customers to leave reviews on a product brings an element of authenticity to shopping sites and can establish trust among readers.
  8. FAQs Page — A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) feature allows customers to view common questions online, without the need to contact customer services. This can help to reduce call and email volume, freeing up more time for staff.
  9. Find In Store — If a business has a physical presence, a ‘Find In Store’ feature can work brilliantly. Should a customer want to see the product in person before ordering, they can quickly check if the item is at their local branch.


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Hiring Ecommerce Website Builders

Starting an ecommerce website can be an exciting and challenging project. But while it is possible to set up a shopping site with limited experience, the most cost-effective and stress-free way to build a new website is to hire the services of a pro.

Agencies like Impulse can assist with all aspects of website build and design, including establishing a brand identity that attracts the right type of customer. This vastly increases the chances of success and limits any hiccups during the design and build phase.

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