10 Confirmed Upgrades in iOS 8

10 Confirmed Upgrades in iOS 8

IOS 8 - Upgrades

Most stories that circulate about the iPhone 6 touch on hardware to expect on release date though the device’s on-board killer features this 2014 will actually be embedded with iOS 8. This engine that powers the next iPhone is highly anticipated for a grand revelation on Apple’s 2014 WWDC on June, replacing iOS 7.1.1 and giving life to the next iPhone that according to analysts will slide out of the box beginning in September.
New mobile platform for a new device means exciting mobile functionalities and below are 10 of the top killer features to expect, most of them are virtually confirmed:

The iOS Map returns with vengeance

Part of the iPhone 5 release fanfare in 2012 is Apple’s decision to bump off Google Maps from the device and replace it with the in-house developed iOS Map. The move backfired as the application was fraught errors that even forced some governments to label it as hazardous to use.

This 2014, Apple’s navigational tool will be back big time, this time around promising of a more reliable data for public transportation use with the likely bonus of permitting indoor mapping services in select markets, pioneering of course in the United States.

Healthier lifestyle for iPhone users

Labelled as one of the core iOS 8 features is a new hub that reports said will be known as Healthbook. The function is simple enough – users can easily record and access medical information that will aid them in personally and efficiently monitor their well-being.

CarPlay enhancements

CarPlay was introduced with iOS 7.1 and it delivered welcome features that make for safer and more enjoyable driving around while absorbed in the iOS ecosystem. The next level for the iOS 8 version appears moving to the direction of wider application integration.

Additional Siri features

Siri for the iPhone 6 could be the preview of Apple’s take on Internet of Things. It could be remote from what the service is envisioned but Siri surely on iOS will be smarter than its previous version – better enough to fight off the rising threats coming from Google Now and Cortana.

Simplified notification

Notification on iPhone definitely got better with iOS 7 but many users seem to grapple on the distinction between All and Missed alerts. For sure such confusion will be addressed with the iOS 8 rollout.

Refinements for iCloud and iWork

With the iPhone 6 getting a boost on screen size, productivity on the device is likely to spike up and to further gain traction, key improvements that are really expected from iOS 8 involve iWork and iCloud. Upgrade emphasis should be on tools for better workplace collaboration, more app integration and expanded storage space.

Wider accessory support

Hardwired with iOS 7 is the optimised pairing with accessories that promote higher productivity and better entertainment experience with the 2014 iPhones and iPads. With greater support for companion tools in iOS 8 such as gaming and typing pads, the next iPhone is touted as the best device available to perform work or just kill time.

Two apps viewing at a time

The iOS is rumoured to finally catch up on mobile multitasking as Split Window is said to be part of iOS 8. The feature will allow iPhone and iPad users to pull up two applications at the same time then work on them or simply enjoy them simultaneously.

Separate iTunes Radio app

To kill Google Play and other music streaming rivals, Apple is likely to remove the radio component of its iTunes and morph it into a separate but related entity that will be called iTunes Radio. Obviously, this is another effort from the tech giant to further bolster its iDevice’s entertainment value and cash on it.

iOS 8 tweaks for longer battery hours

In a recent survey, would-be iPhone 6 buyers listed longer-lasting battery as one of their top considerations in making a buy. For sure, Apple will pack the device with an A8 chip that is not a power hog and a ‘massive battery’ that it can squeeze into the super-thin iPhone frame.

But the most crucial part of the package is iOS 8 coding that would support efficient power juice use, thus extending the iPhone 6 operating hours.

Most of these iOS 8 features, if not all, are lined up to make it in time for the iPhone 6 release date this 2014 – likely to happen twice, first for the 4.7-inch model on September then for the 5.5-inch phablet-size edition on December.


Courtesy of: International Business Times